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PE Coated Paper Roll

The above picture shows our PE coated paper roll made through coating PE particle on paper roll by using specialized coating equipment. If you have paper roll printing machine and die cutting machine, you can purchase our PE-coated paper in roll, and perform printing and die cutting on your own. Then you can utilize the paper to produce paper cup via special device.

You also can procure our printed paper cup fan, and we can provide printing, creasing and other processing services. Printing pattern is customizable. In addition, the printing ink we adopt is in compliance with food grade standard and has passed SGS test. You can visit our factory at any time.

1. Our PE coated paper roll is manufactured from 100% pure wood pulp without other sundries.
2. We are capable of providing the PE-coated roll paper with required gram weight or in required specifications. Generally, it varies between 160gsm and 350gsm. Width ranges from 600mm to 1200mm, and the diameter of roll is about 1200mm. Besides, the size of core is about 3 inches, which also can be customized.
3. High stiffness and good brightness are main highlights of our product.
4. Our product reaches A Grade in quality.
5. Kraft paper and woven bag are adopted for packaging.
6. Except SGS certificate, our PE coated paper roll has also obtained relative sanitary certificate and other industry certificates.

Specification Material Application Quality Level
Roll Width 1200mm, upon your request Raw paper 170g/350g
Made from 100% pure wood pulp
This product is mainly used to make paper cup, coffee cup and paper bowl. High smoothness, excellent printing effect, high stiffness, good brightness
Roll Length 2500-4000m
Roll Weight 500-700kg
Outer Diameter 1200mm, upon your request
Core Size 3 inches
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