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Printed Paper Cup Fan

After owning our printed paper cup fan, you don’t need to bother about printing and creasing any more for it has been already printed and creased, ready for paper cup making. We will strictly perform pattern printing according to your request. If you don’t have specific requirement, our professional drawing team will dope out a rational pattern solutions for your option.

This paper cup fan is made by adopting eco-friendly water-based ink, which is in line with requirements of international environmental protection. With no odor, our printed paper cup fan is absolutely safe, conforming to food security standard. Meanwhile, our professional typesetting team reasonably adjusts typesetting as per your cup size to make full use of each piece of paper and to minimize water paper output rate. Therefore, production cost is largely reduced.

1. We provide high-quality PE coated paper cup fan by adopting flexo printing and offset printing. Flexo printing is suited for paper roll and offset printing is fit for paper sheet.
2. Our product can be either single-side or double-side coated with PE, respectively applicable for hot drinks as coffee and cool drinks as ice cream.
3. The base paper adopted for manufacturing our printed and cut paper fan is made of 100% pure wood pulp and varies from 160gsm to 350gsm in gram weight.
4. This printed paper cup fan can be made in 3oz-22oz, and custom printing and cutting is provided as per your cup size.
5. Excellent printing effect, high stiffness and good brightness are remarkable features of this product.
6. Reaching A Grade in quality, this product has obtained SGS and sanitary certificates.
7. We adopt carton box for packaging and products can be provided with your logo.

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