Add.: No. 119, Jincheng Road, Xindeng Town, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China

Environmental Protection

1. During production, we will collect and deliver paper scraps to the papermaking base of Fuyang where they can be used to make tissue for daily use.

2. We annually introduce advanced facilities to ensure high production efficiency and high product quality. Meanwhile, all-round examination for all the equipment is performed every half year to ensure that the equipment efficiently runs and therefore to improve production efficiency.

3. The eco-friendly ink we use for flexographic printing has passed SGS test and been certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meeting up with food grade standard.

4. Much attention and care are paid to selection of paper suppliers, and the paper we purchase must be environmental friendly. We are more likely to prefer the supplier devoted to sustainable growth management of tree and protection of creature habitat. We won’t use the wood from wood protected areas or environment protected areas.

5. Once paper materials arrive to our warehouse, they will be tested before production. For the material unable to reach corresponding standards, we won’t put them into use.