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PE Coated Paper Sheet Production Processes

All the above pictures show the whole production processes of PE coated paper sheet. At first, we get PE coated paper roll by coating PE particles onto paper roll via coating machine. Then the paper roll will be cut into paper sheet by transverse cutting machine. The paper sheet we manufacture provides much convenience for customers who adopt offset printing.

You can purchase our PE coated paper sheet directly and finish printing and die cutting on your own to make paper cup via special equipment. The high-quality PE particles we use are procured from China National Petroleum Corporation, and the base paper we adopt is degradable and made of 100% wood pulp introducing from Fuyang papermaking base. As we are close to Fuyang papermaking base, transportation distance of base paper is short and thereby purchase cost is greatly reduced.

If you don’t have printing press and die cutting machine, you could directly purchase printed paper cup fan from us. We are able to provide processing service as printing and creasing. Besides, printing pattern is designed upon your request.

  • Paper made of 100% wood pulp
  • Base paper is coated with the PE particles
    by coating machine.
  • Finished paper roll after PE coating
  • The finished PE coated paper roll is being cut into
    PE coated paper sheet by transverse cutting
  • PE coated paper sheet after cutting
  • Packaged PE coated paper sheet
  • PE coated paper sheetready for shipment