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  • Service for Sale

  • Pre-sale Service
    We will reasonably arrange typesetting and pattern drawing upon the size and the pattern required by customer to minimize the amount of waste paper. You will be informed of product output for each ton of paper. Meanwhile, we are also responsible for cost calculation and profit predication.

    Service during Sale
    To ensure high production efficiency, we will send you photos of production process, timely informing you of production schedule. Furthermore, each order will be concluded with sound guarantee in both product quality and quantity, and we will arrange shipment in time.

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  • FAQ

  • 1. Can you supply PE coated paper with gram weight of 160gsm+15gsm?
    Yes, we can provide PE coated paper with gram weight of 160gsm-350gsm (paper) + 15gsm (PE).

    2. Do you provide paper sheet and what’s the specification?
    Yes, we do. Commonly, the paper sheet we manufacture comes in specification of 90cm×50cm, 60cm×100cm and 45cm×50cm. It also is available in customized size.

    3. Can you provide PE coated paper roll?
    Yes, we can. The maximum width of PE coated paper roll is 1200mm. Customized size is available.

    4. What kinds of paper are suitable for hot drinks paper cup or cold drinks paper cup?
    The paper with single-side PE coating is ideal for making hot drinks paper cup, and the paper with double-side PE coating is well suited for making cold drinks paper cup. If you need bigger paper cup, gram weight of paper should be relatively heavier. For example, gram weight of the paper used should be 170gsm+15gsm for making a 3oz paper cup.

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